Training center CONCORD XXI Inc
“CONCORD XXI” training center (Daleville, Alabama) was founded in 2010 to provide training for crews operating Mi-8MTV (Mi-17V) helicopters.

The training center has two classrooms for theoretical training of Mi-8MTV (Mi-17V) helicopters flight and engineering personnel .

The equipment of the classrooms consists of:
1. Cockpit procedures trainer;
2. Computer based training system for individual training of students in operating and piloting the helicopter.
3. Set of the specialized trainers of helicopter functional systems.
4. Helicopter construction training stands.
5. Mockups of the helicopter units and assemblies.
6. Full size replica of Mi-17V helicopter for engineers training.

Flight crews are trained at Mi-17V (Mi-8MTV) helicopter simulator. The simulator is mounted on the six degrees of freedom motion platform manufactured by MOOG company and complies with the requirements to level D simulators.

“CONCORD XXI” training center is situated near the training center of the US Army and complies with all ICAO requirements.

The simulators and all equipment of the classrooms is manufactured by the Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd. with the use of the most advanced technologies in the field of flight crews and ground personnel training.

ClassroomClassroomClassroomClassroomTraining in the classroomTraining in the classroom
Training mockupsTraining mockupsCONCORD XXI Inc. training centerCONCORD XXI Inc. training centerTV3-117VM engine training mockupTV3-117VM engine training mockup
CONCORD XXI Inc. training centerCONCORD XXI Inc. training centerClassroomClassroomCockpit procedures trainerCockpit procedures trainer