Helicopter flight and navigation procedures trainer allows crew to practice the following tasks:


  • familiarization with the cockpit interior, equipment and control location and composition;
  • preflight cockpit equipment inspection and test;
  • getting ready for engines start, their start and test, testing operation of helicopter systems and equipment according to the checklist;
  • practicing emergency procedures as well as those in cases of aircraft failures;
  • training crew in operation of onboard equipment and complex helicopter systems according to Flight Manual.
  • Unique quality of 8-channel visualization system based on the curved LCD displays;.
  • No special requirements for the simulator placement;
  • Low acquisition value, easy maintenance and low operating costs.







Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells training complexes of Mi-8MTV, Mi-171, Mi-172 helicopters and their modifications for training, type conversion and advanced training of flight personnel and ground engineers of all specialties operating these helicopters. The training is given by National University of Defense of Ukraine on the basis of “AVIA”, Ltd. training center.

Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd. is the unique hi-tech company that develops and sells helicopters training complexes. Scientific and technical potential of the company is capable of implementing the most challenging engineering and technological developments in the area of computer technologies, mathematical and 3D modeling. The technological and technical infrastructure of the company is being constantly updated according to the advanced scientific achievements.

“AVIA”, Ltd. guarantees high quality and reliability of its products.

Helicopter full flight simulator is the integrated system consisting of the standard helicopter cockpit with the real controls, equipped with the complete set of instruments and cockpit equipment imitators, visualization system, digital computing and modelling complex, motion system, instructor’s operation station with the integrated debriefing system.

Helicopter full flight simulator allows imitation of flight training in any environment that is maximally proximate to the real one as well as practice exercises and situations in flight that are very risky or are difficult to reach in a real helicopter. Impossibility to practice such flight skills has negative effect on crews training, attaining difficult combat missions, flying in difficult conditions and handling emergencies.

Experience and skills obtained during training in the full flight simulator allow to study complex aircrafts with maximum effectiveness and significantly increase flights safety.


Mi-24/Mi-35 simulator

Mi-8/17/171 simulator



The simulator operation demands far less expenses compared to that of an actual helicopter.



Modelling emergency situations (incidents) that are impossible or highly dangerous to be created in an actual flight.



The simulator can be operated for up to 12 hours a day irrespectively of weather conditions.



The simulator allows complete and detailed analysis of both performance of flight task by the total crew and separate training procedures performed by every crew member.




Operation of a real helicopter requires considerably more expenses than helicopter full flight simulator training.



In a real helicopter it is impossible to simulate more than 60% of emergency procedures (abnormal) situations that are extremely dangerous to be performed in real flight. The simulator allows practicing almost any failure.



Training dependence on weather conditions, the impossibility to pursue ongoing training for a long period of time. Helicopter simulator can be used in any weather up to 12 hours a day.



It is impossible to perform a comprehensive detailed analysis of the crew actions in a real helicopter. Simulator makes many tools for crew actions analysis available.


Cost efficiency during pilots training and advanced training of flight and ground personnel when using the FFS

It is easier and safer to practice crew actions in the simulator than in a real flight, crew members are able to be trained in full volume of their functions in accordance with the helicopter Flight Manual and this training can be repeated multiple times.


The flight personnel training process in leading-edge helicopter simulators allows to raise the level of crew training to a new level, which will significantly improve flight safety.

Modern technical facilities together with a highly professional instructors and teaching staff allow in a short time to get in-depth knowledge of training materials, acquire strong practical skills in piloting the helicopter and using all its on-board systems, as well as to sharpen skills by performing crew procedures in standard and emergency situations.




Canadian company CONCORD XXI is a longtime strategic partner of Scientific and Production Association “AVIA”, Ltd. in arranging training of flight and technical staff from foreign countries, including NATO.

“Helicopter” hotel provides accommodation services for foreign students trained in the training center of Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd.

“Ukrspecexport” is the customer for helicopter Mi -8 MTV (Mi-171) military flight crew training and conversion.

National University of Defense of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky on the base of the training complex of Scientific and Production Association "AVIA" provides training for pilots and maintenance personnel.

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